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I’ve been thinking long and hard about what to say as the election looms closer. When I think about our current President and the Republican Party, the direction of our country, amongst some major political issues like the climate — I feel like I am drowning. As I struggle to reach for air, I am continuously struck by waves that unremittingly push me back down under the sea. That is what I will continue to feel like for every single day that Donald Trump sits in the White House. It is what will lead to the unwitting, gradual death of…

Graduating from college exposed how much I relied upon external gratification throughout my entire academic career. In the aftermath of it, I realized how little it mattered and that there was little joy to be found in seeking it. What kept me up at night was the idea of leading and living an extraordinary life and what that must look like or what it would mean to be an extraordinary person.We all have our own version of what the world would look like and how we would have a hand in shaping it. …

“In the rush to get back to normal, use this time to decide which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.”

Throughout the pandemic, I’ve reflected on this quote quite a bit.

What parts of my life do I want to leave behind when life becomes ‘normal’ (to some extent) again? I work from home right now and sometimes, I think about how I’m not so sure if I’m ready to jump back into the fast-paced world that most Americans live in.

I rushed through my days. I didn’t listen to my mind and body. I brought my stress…


politico, proud pennsylvanian, penn state alumna. sometimes I write

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